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What we’ve been upto in 2019/20

We just want to share with you some of the things that the MVP for Calderdale and Huddersfield have been involved with over this past year, 2019/20:

1. MVP website has been built and is now live.

2. MVP leaflets are in the final stage of design and nearly ready for printing. Maternity Services have agreed to give each woman a leaflet at point of discharge and we’re hoping that they’ll also be available in women’s Maternity Online Notes.

3. New General MVP Maternity Survey is live and responses are being monitored and themes being pulled out.

4. Regular Service User Feedback & Action meetings have been established with CHFT Maternity Services which is where we discuss feedback gathered from our MVP survey. Actions are identified and tracked. Currently establishing a similar meeting with Health Visiting Teams.

5. Accessibility of Information. Using Service User feedback, individuals from the MVP pulled out different types of information that women and families would like to be made readily accessible. Discussions have taken place to see whether the CHFT Maternity Services web pages can be updated.

6. WY&H LMS Pregnancy and Birth Choices – We as an MVP have fed back our views with regards the potential use of a new app/website

7. New CHFT postnatal ward booklet – Members of the MVP provided comment on this, comments were taken on board and the booklet is now being used on ward 4a.

8. MVP members have had opportunities to comment on a number of other different leaflets and surveys in development

9. A leaflet by mums, for mums; Perineal Care after Childbirth – The MVP have provided comment on a new leaflet put together by the North Kirklees MVP. Will look to share with local women as their advice/ideas are shared on the leaflet

10. Signs by buzzers – Following feedback from the MVP, one of the postnatal ward matrons has now put signs up by buzzers, letting women know that they shouldn’t hesitate to buzz if they need any help/advice

11. First ’15 Steps for Maternity’ was recently conducted and we’re in the process of identifying actions with Maternity Services

If you’d like to get involved with the MVP, please do get in touch [email protected]

Thank You.