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Experiences using the maternity services in Harrogate – Rebecca M

Here you can find stories from parents who have used our services across the local area.

Rebecca M:

My waters had been leaking for a week (misdiagnosed as urine by first midwife) so I had to be rushed onto delivery suite for antibiotics and an oxytocin drip induction – my nightmare situation! I had hoped for an intervention free homebirth but despite this my husband and I used hypnobirthing techniques to keep us calm and the room peaceful. I managed 10 hours without pain relief before the midwives managed to persuade me to have an epidural and wow what a difference it made! I absolutely loved the epidural and it made the experience a really positive one. The midwives were incredible throughout and my son was born without any further intervention. I had such a good experience I was thrilled when I needed to be induced with my second (again waters broke labour didn’t follow) and opted for an epidural straight away.