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Antenatal Classes – Harrogate

Harrogate District Hospital offer free midwife-led educational and preparation classes for parents. They welcome and encourage birth partners to attend.

The classes aim to be informative, fun and interactive. The social element of classes is very important and they hope that it will provide the perfect opportunity for you to meet other local parents-to-be. Although you can attend antenatal classes at any time during your pregnancy, it is recommended that it is best to attend between 28-34 weeks.

Active Birth

Active Birth Classes discuss the stages of labour, and how you can manage both at home and in hospital:

  • Learn about key hormones and how your birthing body works
  • Find out more about the benefits of remaining upright and active in labour
  • Discover the benefits of massage, relaxation and the use of warm water
  • Explore your expectations about labour and discuss the role of the birth partner

Pain Relief & When Nature Needs a Hand

  • Discover more about your pain relief options both at home and in hospital
  • This course also aims to offer you information for the times when nature may need a hand, for example learn about the induction of labour and assisted births

Meeting Your Baby & The Early Days

Discover what to expect from your new baby and how to care for him or her:

  • Find out all about attachment and bonding, and how this affects your baby’s development
  • Learn about the importance of Breastfeeding
  • Receive practical advice including bathing your baby, feeding, winding and keeping your baby safe
  • Explore how relationships may change during the transition to parenthood

There are evening classes split over a number of weeks as well as full day sessions on selected Saturday and Sundays.

Please find the booking link here to check availability.