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We work closely with both our maternity teams in Bradford and Craven and we gather parent’s maternity experiences and feelings.

With our grassroots membership of both formal and informal voluntary sector groups we are able to reach wide sections of all our communities.

The findings are then shared at our Main Meeting All Things Maternity Platform sessions and also at Strategic Partnership level i.e. Outstanding Maternity Service Programme, One Better Births Steering Group and with Local Maternity Services.

  • Maternity Users Evaluation Survey during the Pandemic with the Bradford Teachings Foundation Trust. Parents from each postcode area of Bradford shared their experience of maternity care received during the pandemic.
  • Breastfeeding and Skin Contact Survey during the Pandemic – gathering birthing women/persons experiences during the pandemic. To gauge baselines of service user feedback based on experiences surrounding feeding and skin to skin contact during the pandemic.
  • Our most recent survey on Parent Education Classes was jointly devised with Airedale General Hospital and Bradford Royal Infirmary maternity teams to find out what the barriers are to women accessing these classes, which topics parents would like to see covered and where the delivery would be most accessible for parents (virtual, face to face, in community and or health services settings).

Users maternity experience in Bradford District & Craven during the Covid pandemic Powerpoint.

Collaboration survey with Bradford Royal Infirmary Midwifery Team around Breastfeeding Experience During the Pandemic Powerpoint.